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020 7563 3000

Payment by Automated Payment Line,Cheque and Appeals


Payment can be made on the automated payment line 020 3553 4559, no handling charge applies. Payment can be made by using all major debit and credit cards except American Express.



Payment by cheque, including a £2.50 handling charge, should be sent to:


Please Note:

  • Cash payments are not accepted
  • Cheques made payable to Euro Car Parks Ltd with the Parking Charge Notice Reference Number, your Vehicle Registration Number, the location of the car park where you parked and the date the Parking Charge Notice was issued on the reverse
  • A handling charge of £2.50 applies to all cheque payments and must be added to the amount due

Euro Car Parks Ltd may refuse payment if:

  • You fail to enclose the exact sum
  • Your cheque is post dated
  • You fail to enclose the payment slip


Euro Car Parks are not able to process your appeal over the telephone.

Please forward your appeal with any necessary documentation to Euro Car Parks, Appeals, 30 Dorset Square, London, NW1 6QJ or complete our Appeal form (available here) providing your full name and full postal address.

  • Please be advised that Appeals must be made within 28 days from date of issue. Once your correspondence is received the charge will be placed on hold. The Appeals process takes up to 35 days from receipt of your communication (acknowledgement will be sent within 14 days).
  • To ensure that your Appeal is dealt with as quickly as possible, please include a copy of the Parking Charge Notice and confirm the Parking Charge Number and your vehicle registration mark on all correspondence.
  • Ensure you enclose any validating documents, for example, copy of Disabled Badge/Parking Permit/receipts from the store (dated and timed) or valid Pay and Display ticket.
  • If you are the registered keeper of the vehicle and you were not the driver at the time the parking charge notice was issued please provide the details of the driver of the vehicle within 28 days. (The Protection of Freedom Act 2012 in England and Wales includes the provision to hold the keeper liable for identifying the driver) If you fail to inform driver details please be advised that according to the Protection of Freedom Act 2012 you may be liable via a county court judgement to pay the charges and costs
  • If Euro Car Parks do not agree with your challenge we will offer you the right to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service also known as POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals). POPLA is an adjudication service specifically for tickets issued on private land.
  • You can only use the Independent Appeal Service once your appeal has been rejected and only if you live in England or Wales and a parking charge notice was issued to your vehicle while parked on private land. This service does not cover Scotland or Northern Ireland.
  • POPLA is free and it’s decision will be binding on Euro Car Parks. Should the challenge be rejected by POPLA please be advised that the discounted amount payable for the charge will no longer be applicable.

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