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Pay Parking Charge Notice

How to pay your Parking Charge Notice online:

  1. Enter the Parking Charge Notice number. Make sure the notice number is correct, if the number entered is incorrect you will NOT be paying for your notice and you will receive further correspondence
  2. We will ask you for details about yourself, and about the payment you wish to make. We will transfer you to our bankers secure site to take the actual payment. Our external banking service is protected by advanced levels of encryption technology to protect your personal information. Other people will not be able to intercept your banking details.

Important Note
Please check that the details entered are correct. Payment accepted subject to verification that the correct details have been entered. In the event of an issue the transaction will be refunded back to your card which will then appear on your statement. The Parking Charge Notice will revert to being outstanding and further correspondence / charges will be applied.