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2 x Security Guard – Birmingham

We currently have an opportunity for two Security Guards at our site in Birmingham.


The tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a security guard are listed in the job description example below:

§  The first duty of the security guard is to make his/her presence visible. He/she is expected to report to duty post properly kitted. At arrival, he/she must patrol the work area to make his/her presence known so as to serve as a deterrent to potential criminals

§  Monitor the exterior and interior of the premises to ensure the absence of intruders or criminals

§  Keep daily record of activities within the premises, especially activities that pose security threat

§  Welcome visitors entering the premises, as well as guard the entrance of the premises and screen visitors to ensure they do not enter the premises with prohibited items or weapons

§  Prevent visitors from straying into prohibited areas within the premises

§  Check facilities within the premises to make sure that they are secure

§ Ensuring the site is kept clean at all times


Here are important security guard skills that employers usually require that applicants for the position meet before they are considered for employment:

§  Agility and vigilance: A security guard must be vigilant at all times. He/she must be able to see, hear, and smell pending problems. A good security guard is one who is able to detect problems and react quickly to avert its manifestation. He/she must be able to remain focused whenever on duty

§  Problem solving skills: A security guard must be fast at coming up with solutions to crisis and problems. He/she must be able to make quick but accurate decisions on what to do in the event of any crisis

§  Clear vision: To succeed as a security guard, good eye sight is necessary so as to be able to detect security threats from afar. You must be able to see things clearly at close range too

§  Honesty: To be charged with the responsibility of guarding our premises, you need be transparent and trustworthy

§  Other necessary qualities are physical strength, maturity and the ability to work night shifts.


The roles are full time for 32 hours per week and include working mornings and nights on a rota basis, however the successful candidate will need to be flexible as the rota can change to suit business needs

Applicants MUST have an SIA License.

Rate of pay is £11.50 per hour.

The role will be subject to references and DBS.