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Pioneer Square Bicester

Have you visited Pioneer Square Bicester within the last 24 hours and need to pay for your third hour of parking?

Pioneer Square in Bicester offers 2 hours free parking and a 3rd hour of additional parking that can be purchased for £1.70 (bank holidays £1.00)  This is a 3 hour maximum stay car park (no vehicle return for 1 hour) Please be advised an “honesty” payment cannot be accepted in this case and a parking charge notice may be issued

  • Pioneer Square Customers

    If you have stayed for 2-3 hours and did not pay whilst on site please make your “honesty” payment here

    (only available within 24 hours of visit)


  • Vue Cinema Customers

    If you stayed for over 2 hours and did not validate your cinema ticket whilst on site please pay your parking fee here

    (only available within 24 hours of visit)


  • Have you received a letter?

    If you have stayed over 3 hours and have received a letter from us please make a payment here

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